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On Demand movers and packers


Group of Movers

Our app allows group of movers to complete the job. User have to add multiple movers on its created job.

In-App Messaging

Movers can collaborate with each other and user with In-App chat feature. This allows movers and users to discuss work details before it starts.

Mover Profile

User are presented with suggested workers where they can view movers profiles before selecting the right person for the job.

Movers Rating

To make sure our mover are professional, our platform use rating. At the end of every job we ask user to rate there job experience.

Payment Methods

Our platform supports credit card payments for users. We have auto payouts implemented that help us to flexible and transparent payouts to mover at the end of every week.

Hourly Jobs

Our platform supports hourly based jobs. This helps users to understand work output and payment in a better way.