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GoKada - Ride hailing app



On Demand Ride Hailing App


Realtime Driver Matching Algo

Our Platform allows riders to connect with available driver in real time. Our platform finds the most near available driver in no time of 15 seconds.

Realtime Ride Tracking

Our platform supports top notch tracking features.User can see driver location and when its reaching at the pick up location. User can also see realtime tracking of ride during the ride.

Fare Breakdown

We track kilometers using GPS, so at the end of ride we ensure transparency by showing the breakdown of ride cost which includes distance, time , base fare and any promo code applied.

Driver Ratings

To make sure our drivers are professional, our platform use rating. At the end of every ride we ask user to rate there ride experience.

Payment Methods

Our platform supports both cash and online payments for users. We have auto payouts implemented that help us to flexible and transparent payouts to driver at the end of every week.

Promo codes

Our platform supports getting discounts using promo-code and also user can share with others to get free rides and discounts.